Who we are

We are one of the largest retailers and suppliers of home appliances in Iraq and allowed us to conclude several exclusive contracts to enter the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt) presence the company 36 years ago paved the way for it to become a credible force to compete with the sale of other home appliance products companies and the company deals with top brands such as Toshiba, Tornado and Super and Universal Imperial since it is one of the first suppliers of home appliances companies in Iraq And thanks to the presence of our own brand and exclusive contracts with famous brand names the company gets strong influence in the market and passed the so establishment phase . That business castle attracted big names to sign with them

Brief About Us

Our Vision

Provide best home appliances for every Iraqi home

Our Advantages

Guarantee, technical support and all our appliances original

Our Goals

Our mission is to consolidate the home appliances market in Iraq and the Middle East with original brand names

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Our Brands

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